Love this Fate

There once lived a maiden fair as can be,

Except that she lived leagues under the sea.

She sang and she swam, she loved and she lost.

But little did she know this would come at a cost.

She dreamed of finding a sailor for her taking

For she was alone and her heart was aching.

A darker side emerged; she had no control.

A demon inside her that made her less whole.

Her mind fell apart, riddled with infection.

It made her act violent with no recollection.

Soon she found a young man stranded at sea.

A perfect match whose love was guaranteed.

She lured him in close and gave him a kiss.

And when the demon took over, she said this:

“I am a magnificent creature of the Bay.

Prepare to give your soul away.

My spells are my passion; I call them my art.

My song alone can bind the human heart.

And if you dare to explore my grace.

My hold shall be your last embrace.

I was the answer to your cries.

Revealed my beauty to your eyes.

So leave the world that you have known

And spend your nights within my own.

I'll take your passion and I’ll take your skill.

I'll take your young life quicker still.

So through the kisses that I give

I take your life, but you’ll forgive.

And though you think this weakness grand,

The touch of death your lover's hand.

Your will to live has come too late.

Come to my arms and love this fate.”

Mesmerized by her beauty and grace,

He chose to give her his last embrace.

She held his hand and dragged him under.

olivia vasquez

My name is Olivia Vazquez, class of ‘19. I’m from Claremont, CA. I love all my pets: Hugs (snake), Max (Rottweiler), and Swim Shady (jellyfish). I play waterpolo, have my own baking business, and enjoy going to the beach.

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