i can only try

I’m sorry

I’ll never stop wanting you

as the days and weeks fly by

It’s foolish to feel this way

wanting to spill my heart out

I should have just said hi

What do I do? I ignore you

as we pass by each other

I cry myself to sleep

finally knowing loneliness

Like the back of my hand

as I slowly fall for you

I think about you on weekends

You are someone special

But then I realized

I didn’t love you

I’m sorry

Editor’s note: read bottom up


Justin martin


Justin Martin loves science fiction movies and enjoys introspection through his writing. His hobbies are writing short stories that have magic realism with crazy plot twists. Besides writing, he is dedicated in trying new things outside of his comfort zone and prides himself in being a person true to himself. He definitely believes that Mace Windu is still alive for episode nine of Star Wars.

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