i want to send a sheep to love you

It was a long and sleepless night.

Stars and dusts are all rubbed into my eyes,

So ruthless that even tears dry.

I want to send a sheep to love you,

So that you can snuggle with a wool blanket. It has widely opened panicking eyes,

And clumsy arms with strong muscles.

It will protect you, love you,

And never leave you.

The sheep is more loyal, gentle, and meek than me.

It knows how to cherish,

And makes the meh-meh sound to make you happy.

What I deserve is merely a long night without sleep

To make tonight feel like a snowy winter,

So that you can receive my gift-a sheep.

Its milk can be drunk,

Its lanonin could condition your hair,

Its soft skin can be made into delicate handbags,

With a strong pungent odor,

That never dissipates.

But you will never find out,

The blanket, the milk, the soft skin,

Or the sheep.

Because they are all the warmest secrets

Forever hidden inside of me.